Assignment 1 Case Study: Kodak Appeals to the Court

This is a group assignment. Each group will take the perspective of a different party in this case:
Team C Store Owners (where film is sold)
Answer these questions from the information presented in the case or other information not shown in the case. One report per team.
Based on your reading of the case and other research answer each of the following questions:
1. Summarize the case’s key points from your party’s perspective.
2. From your party’s perspective should decrees such as those imposed on Kodak have been put in place? If so why or why not?
3. What market share and competitive advantages does Kodak have in the film market? How do (could) these advantages affect your party?
4. What is the relevant geographic area (or market) for Kodak and for your party?
5. What evidence does your party have that Kodak maintained significant market power in the United States in the 1990s?
6. What risks are associated with terminating the decrees (from your party’s perspective)?
7. What relevance do these actions have in today’s film market?
Answers should reflect the Case Study information as well as original research on key topics such as Justice Department decrees, how Kodak
has changed its business, and how the film market has changed.

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