Business Strategy Analysis Paper Writing

The purpose of this assignment is to increase your ability to analyze business strategies of organizations. Business strategy focuses on the strategy of individual businesses. Strategic analysis is critical for analyzing the competitive context in which an organization operates and for making reasoned and reasonable recommendations for how that organization should position itself and what actions it should take to maximize value creation. Actions taken by firms to improve competitive position engender responses by other firms, and the expected sequence of actions and responses must be understood to develop an effective strategy.
This assignment presupposes a working knowledge of business strategy and analytical techniques and quantitative tools. This paper will focus on critical evaluation of business strategies of three companies of your choice.
Using the framework of strategic analysis (e.g. Blue Ocean) students will select three strategies from three different companies, operating in different industries (the third being your current/past employer/ intern provider). In a 15-20 page paper, students will:
• Identify the companies• Provide company profile• Describe market/ industry strategy with supporting research• Critically analyze the competitive strategy of each company in a socially appropriate manner (Sustainability)• Suggest recommendations for strategic value innovationPic 3 companies from 3 different industries Cost leadership Rakuten differentiation Whole Foods differentiation with life cycle focus Medicago into Flu Shots
Last two bullet points are the most important

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