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Persuasive Speech Presentation
1. Create and deliver a 7-8 minute(must be held within time limits) persuasive presentation specifically adapted to your classroom
audience-a speech to actuate-motivate the audience to take action using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Format.
2. Prepare and submit a complete sentence outline (Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Format) to be submitted to the instructor prior to
presentation on the assigned date. Use the sample outline as a guide for the assignment.
3. Use the guidelines in your text/notes to develop an audience analysis paragraph as part of the assignment.
• Identify 2-3 characteristics of the audience
• Identify challenges presented because of the composition of the audience
• Identify motive appeals/logos/ethos that could be used to connect with audience members.
Place after the works cited. (This should be prepared prior to the outline development to understand what ethos, pathos and logos appeals
should be used.
4. Include main ideas (assertions)(constructive arguments) within each step in the motivated sequence supporting your position. (You
should approach this by selecting a topic requiring an action to be taken. Once you have selected the topic, you must decide on the action
before you can develop the steps within your outline.
5. Include an abundance of inductive evidence (statistics, examples, testimony…)to support each assertion. There must be at least 2-3
pieces of evidence to support assertions.
6. Note: you must use and cite a minimum of 3 sources. These should be appropriately listed using the MLA format (at the end of the
outline on a separate page)
7. Use clear transitions and signposts between each step; including each in the written format.

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