Determine five benefits that enterprise systems gain from distributed systems

Week9 discussion 1File Systems ” Please respond to the following:
Provide five best practices that computer system builders should use when determining the file system to use when installing an operating system. Select the practice that you prefer and explain why.Determine five benefits that enterprise systems gain from distributed systems. Provide one example that supports each benefit and explain why you believe it is a benefit.
WEEK9 DIscussion 2:“File Protection and Partitioning” Please respond to the following:
The UNIX operating system file system uses a file protection structure that differs from the file protection system used in Microsoft Windows operating systems. Compare and contrast the two file protection structures. Determine which of the two systems you would recommend for files protection and explain why.Provide five advantages and disadvantages of partitioning a large hard disk. Determine whether you would prefer to use a partitioned or unpartitioned hard disk. Support your selection with an explanation.
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Additionally, I have provided links to supplemental material that pertains to this weeks topic areas:
Best Practices for Distributed File System (DFS)
Overview of the Distributed File System
Videos on Distributed File System
Server Basics (13) DFS Distributed File Systems

DFS Overview Part 1

DFS Overview Part 2

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