Explain why lancôme with- drew from the men skincare market

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Develop a 800 word case study (excluding cover page and reference page) in APA format. Please use at least six outside sources
Luxury. Read Case “Lancôme Luxury Skincare Line For Men Gets The Axe: Ubersexuals And The Changing Male Landscape” (Hawkins, 2012, 452-455).
Write the study from the perspective of a consultant hired to analyze the issues of the case and provide recommendations of solutions for the company.
This paper may be easier to conceptualize if you select one luxury product or service to help structure and focus your thinking.
Answer the following questions in your essay. Make sure to integrate these answers into your essay, and not simply answer them.
1. Conduct an analysis to explain why Lancôme with- drew from the men’s skincare market. Include in your analysis a discussion of (a) the evolving market segments and characteristics in the men’s grooming market, (b) the evolving competitors, products, strategies, and brand positions, and (c) Lancôme’s approach to the men’s market.
2. Using the demographic and psychographic information provided in the case, describe the traits that would make the most desirable target market for a line of men’s grooming products if Lancôme were to reenter this market. Explain.
3. Using Questions 1 and 2 as a starting point, develop a marketing strategy for Lancôme to reenter the men’s grooming market with a complete product line. Include in your analysis a discussion of (a) key market segments, (b) key product categories, and (c) branding and positioning strategies.

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