Graduate Capabilities: Discipline Specific Knowledge and Skills

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1MKTG696 (S1/2018)
Unit Convenor: LayPeng TanV2 Updated: 1-March-2018(Please disregard any earlier version; Changes made from the previous version were highlighted in
yellow)Assessment Guide
A2 Task #2: Simulation Game & Reflective Task (Individual Assessment – 15%)Graduate Capabilities: Discipline Specific Knowledge and Skills, Problem Solving and Research Capability and
Critical, Analytical and Integrative ThinkingDue: Week-10, Monday 2pm (Online Submission)Students will participate in the computer-based marketing strategy simulation game provided
by Harvard Business Publishing. The objective of this exercise is to place students in a realistic
operating environment which requires the integration of marketing research, analysis, planning
and decision-making.Week-8 (During Class): The games access code for each student will be provided. A practice
round followed by class discussion will be conducted during class in Week-8. Attendance is
compulsory. Please bring a laptop / tablet / smartphones (Note 1). Internet access is essential.Note 1: Please note that not all parts of the games are smartphone-friendly. It might be difficult to view some parts
of the games.Following the practice round, students will complete an additional game in their own time and
a written task.Written Task – Format: Maximum 1,500 words; 1.5 line- spaced; 12-point font. This limitincludes any tables, diagrams and appendices but excludes reference list.Cover Page: Please include your name, student ID number, day of lecture (Mon? Thu?), the title
of the assessment and total word count (excluding cover page and reference list)
This reflective task is based around the simulation games. To complete this task satisfactorily,
students must:• Complete the simulation games• Answer all questions• Demonstrate their in-depth understanding of the relevant course materials• Demonstrate their ability to draw insightful connections between the course materials
and the simulation games/questions• Demonstrate an in-depth reflection on the learning experience; Viewpoints and
interpretations are insightful and well supported
… Next page2Answer the following questions based around the simulation games:(Feel free to use diagrams / tables to summarise the key information)Question 1: 20%a) Please insert a screen shot (an image) of your game scores. An example is as follows:
b) Why did you make your initial choices in the simulation? What was your decision-making
rationale? (10%)
c) How did you assess market feedback and modify your choices as time progressed in the
simulation? (10%)Question 2: 35% – Choose one of the following that is applicable to you.i. If you chose the pushcart option as your initial choice, what made it difficult to pursue this
option? Did you modify your choices across the five weeks? Outline the changes and explain
your rationale for each modification you have made.Orii. If you chose the research option, what were the challenges associated with conducting
additional research? Did you modify your choices across the five weeks? Outline the
changes and explain your rationale for each modification you have made.
iii.Oriv. If you chose to oper…

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