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College essay writing serviceQuestion descriptionConcert ReportsSince you thoroughly read the syllabus, you know at least one concert report is required. Here are some tips:Clear the concert or DVD with me before you begin. It has to relate to the content of the class, it can’t be just any concert. Every quarter, at least one student turns in a concert report that has nothing to do with the content of this class and receives no points.Give yourself plenty of time to write your report.Proofread your report before you submit it!Your report must be submitted through Canvas. I cannot accept any reports submitted as an email or PM attachment.What to Write:The performance as a whole:You should begin your report with a brief description of the concert/performance/show attended, including the name and type of the performing group or soloists, the place, the date and time, and the music you heard.Then, you may want to describe your general reaction to the performance. Did you enjoy it? Did this event make you feel like going to other shows in the near future?Following this introduction, the paper might focus on the pieces you enjoyed most and your reaction to the performance/show.Individual Songs: In discussing individual compositions, you will probably want to cover some of the following points:Musical style: How did the music at the performance correspond to what you have learned about the stylistic periods addressed in this course? Your appreciation of a work is often enhanced when you recognize its musical style.Emotions, images, and ideas: Did the composition evoke in you specific feelings or thoughts?Memorable features: What features of the performance were most memorable–for example, were there any unusual vocal, instrumental, or electronic effects?Comparisons with other styles: You should always compare the show you attended with a style or group mentioned in this course.Performance: Your discussion of the performance will be of a more subjective nature. You may want to focus on the following points:Emotional projection: Was the performance or show authentic, or did the group/performer just go through the motions (i.e., “phone it in”)?Disasters: Performances–including those by famous musicians–do occasionally run into problems. Since professionals are good at “covering” slips, even quite sophisticated audience members may be unaware that anything has gone wrong; still, you may want to ask yourself some questions like the following: Did the performers seem to have a firm technical command of the music? Did they consistently play or sing in tune? Do you think you heard any “wrong notes?” Did the sound system or lights have any malfunctions? Humor is good, as long as you’re funny Conclusion: Always have a conclusive paragraph that sums up the main points of the paper, and has a summary statement.Requirements:1. The paper can have no mis-spellings whatsoever. You can write it in a program such as Microsoft Word, spellcheck it, then copy and paste the report into this assignment.2. Your points will be based on thoroughness. If you need to know how long the paper should be, a minimum of 5 paragraphs and a 1000 word count is a good place to start.3. You must also provide proof of attendance. You can scan the ticket/program, etc. and send it to me via a private message as a .jpg, .pdf, or .gif (the ticket must have the date on it).
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