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Vision Statement
The purpose of this activity is to have you put into writing your own expectations about your behaviour and vision for yourself as a professional social worker. You are now familiar with what the social working community expects of social workers (social work practice standards and the code of ethics) now is a good time to write what your standards are, what your vision for your future as a socialworker is. It is important to remember that your vision for yourself as a social worker is likely to change over time and that everyone’s vision statement will be different – so long as it makes sense to you, reflects your values, goals and intentions for your engagement in your field placement it is a good placement vision statement.
How does this fit with what I have done before: In Engaging in Professional Contexts you reviewed your professional appearance and first impressions. This assessment item is designed to extend on that self-reflection.
Relationship to Integration seminar: This assessment item is designed to be coordinated with integration seminar 1: “So you think you’re a social worker……”.
1. Take some time to think about how you want to be viewed as a social worker, what kind of social worker you want to be.
2. Write a draft of your own placement vision statement.
3. In preparing to write your vision statement you might like to consider the following:
a) What are your 5 most important values?b) What is your commitment to self-care, are there any specifics?c) What strengths do you see in yourself as a developing social worker? What strengths have others commented on about you as you have begun developing as a social worker?
d) What do you believe are your weaknesses as a developing social worker? What areas have others noted as weaknesses?
e) What do you want to achieve during the next 500 hours?
f) How would you like those you work with during the next 500 hours to describe you at the end of the time?
g) what activities and tasks would you like to engage in during placement? (What tasks  and activities do you think are necessary for you to evidence your skill and proficiency with the professional standards)
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