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The moment I joint the Physics Club in my Secondary School has had a significant impact on my life. The event took place 3 years ago; when I was a grade 8 student there was a new Physics Club in our Secondary School. I must confess that at that time, I was not interested in physics at all. Obviously, I never thought about participating (The idea of participating has never come to my mind). In contrast, my friend Nam is very interested in Physics and invited me to join. He insisted me so much that I agreed to take a look (I just didn’t want to let him down).
The club was doing some experiments about lens when Nam and I arrived. At that time, I did not know how those things worked but I must confess that it looks very cool. I was very amazed by all the experiments. The experiments were so interesting and the club members were very enthusiastic and affable as well. The moment changed my thought about Physics. I had never could imagine that Physics was a lot of fun like that. Minh, the club president showed us some more interesting experiments. He also showed us how to make many “cool” things just by using usual matters.
It was the very first time I realized that Physics was so fabulous: interesting, useful and practical. It was truly a Science for daily life. Obviously, I signed up to the Club later. After finishing Secondary School, I applied to the Specialized High school so that I could have better chances to study more about Physics. I’ve also gained some awards for my hard work. Although our club has dismissed when we moved to High School, I still always remember the interest we had together and especially the great impact it has to my whole life.

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