Pocahontas Analysis

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Pocahontas Analysis I believe that the disney movie Pocahontas is very inaccurate because of all the details that don’t match up with the actual story. Parts involving Pocahontas’ age, the relationship between John smith and Pocahontas, John Smith’s capture and the method of communication between Pocahontas and John Smith are told differently in the movie than in the sources I’ve read from. The purpose of this analysis is to inform the reader of all the mistruths in the movie that some people may have perceived as true.
Some of the only accurate parts in the movie are that John Smith was indeed about to be executed by the Powhatan and that Jamestown was founded in 1607. Besides these two facts, I believe that the rest of the movie is too warped from the real version. In the movie, John Smith first meets Pocahontas, falls in love with her and is then captured by the Powhatan, but according to the article, he meets Pocahontas after he is captured leading an expedition in search of food on December of 1607.
In the movie, Kocoum is shot dead by Thomas after Kocoum attacks John Smith, but in actuality, Kocoum went on to marry Pocahontas. Also in the movie, John Smith is about to be executed because he supposedly killed Kocoum, but the the article says that the execution was just a ritual performed by the Powhatan. The Pocahontas article talks about how John Smith was injured by a gunpowder explosion, whereas in the movie, the Governor shoots John Smith while aiming for the Powhatan chief.
The movie ends when John Smith must go back to England to be treated for his wound inflicted upon him by the Governor. This first source already unveils many of the inaccuracies in the movie. The Pocahontas letter, which is from John Smith’s point of view, greatly favors Pocahontas. John Smith even calls her an instrument of God. In the letter though, John Smith describes his execution as real and that Pocahontas hazarded the beating out of her own body to save his own. In the article, Smith was first welcomed by the great chief and offered a feast.
Then he was grabbed and forced to stretch out on two large, flat stones, but in the letter, John Smith says that he was ordered to be executed by the chief after eating with the savages for six weeks. Both of these situations were said to be told by John Smith himself, but we may never know the truth. The three portraits of Pocahontas that I saw, were very different from what Pocahontas looked like in the movie. In the engraving portrait, Pocahontas almost looked like a man.
In the other two portraits, she at least looked like a woman, but it was nothing close to how she was portrayed in the Disney Movie. As you can see, there are many more inaccurate events in the movie than accurate ones. Many kids may grow up believing that the Disney story of Pocahontas is the true story of Pocahontas. What they don’t know is that although Pocahontas is based on a true story, barely anything about the movie is true. Overall, the Disney version of Pocahontas seems like a work of fiction to me, whose sole purpose is to entertain young audiences.

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