PR Media Toolkit – Public Relations Class

Due by March 19th@2:00pm, Central Standard Time
This is a PR Media toolkit you are creating for a company that doesn’t have a PR person to support them. It can be a toolkit for Tesla,
the company you are studying, or some other company. The only caveat is that it is a real company – not one you make up.
Reflect on the online newsroom assignment you did previously this term and think about what tools would be helpful to this company in
promoting their products and/or services and in working with reporters, bloggers or others in the media.
For your toolkit, you will need to createand include the following items:
1. Create directions advising the user when, where, why and how they should use each of the tools in your toolkit. Think of this as the
“executive summary” for your
toolkit. Shorter is better but it must be clear and assume the recipient knows nothing about promotion or promotional tools
2. A press release sample or template – Write a press release or a press release template for the organization for whom you are creating
the toolkit. A press release template is somewhat like a form letter providing basic sentence structure, content outline and “boiler
plate” copy (elevator pitch at the bottom of the press release that always stays the same) with “holes” for specifics like names, dates,
times, locations and/or outcomes related to the subject of the press release. Look to the research you did and/or samples you pulled from
your online newsroom project for examples in formatting, length and/or topics. Press releases are always written in AP style
3. A social media posting sample or template – Write a social media posting that is brief but peaks the reader’s attention and drives them
to the website for more detail. This sample should relate in some way to the interests of the company. Be sure to include a notation in
the posting as to what social media channel you recommend for the posting. Social media postings must comply with AP social media
4. Media point(s) of Contact template -Create the template for media points of contact. Include the spaces for the information/content
that is required should someone need to reach a media relations person at the company for whom the toolkit is being created
5. Available speaker(s) sample – The format of this page is up to you, as long as it is easy to read/scan and includes the following
• An “example” speakers’ name – with space for the company to add to the sample
• Sample speaker topic expertise items – with space for the company to add to the sample
• An outline for a short bio for 1 speaker- This could be a bio with “holes” in it similar to the press release template, or it
could be a list of questions the company would need to answer that explains the speakers expertise (in the real world, the answers to
these questions would be used to craft the bio)
6. Background/fact sheet – Looking to your research of the online newsroom, think about what information should be included in this
document for the company for whom you are creating the toolkit. Draft a comprehensive list of assessment questionsthat the company would
need to answer in order to create the background sheet
7. Facts/figures relevant to the company’s industry. On this page, list of the types of facts and figures that the media would be
interested in for a story they would write about the company you are studying (prevalence of the problem the company solves; annual growth
rate; number of employees or sales are all examples) . This is a template, so these are the headings for the information you would include
— not the actual numbers themselves. Also include links to competitors facts & figures as appropriate.
This is a written assignment to be submitted to Canvas. This assignment is intended to be part of your portfolio.

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