“Project Management: The Managerial Process and Application”

Understanding the different qualities associated with managers and leaders will help to determine the type of project manager you aspire
to be. Additionally, this paper will assist to become more aware of the ethical and cultural aspects of project management. Being
sensitive to the diversity of team members is essential, especially with the growth of globalization.
Please write a paper answering to the following questions:
1.Based on your experiences of working with a team member from a different culture, should a project manager continue to pat team members
on the back in a gesture of appreciation for a great job done, or is it best to avoid this gesture?
a)In your opinion, should project managers tailor their approach/strategy to the culture of each team member, or should the team
members conform themselves to a standard approach?
b)In some cultures, it is not okay for a project manager to briefly touch their team members (such as patting them on the back) for a job
well done, but in the U.S., it is a common practice. Should a project manager continue patting team members on the back for a great job,
or is it best to avoid this gesture?
Please write a paper between 550-600 words in length. Please answer all the question thoroughly and include them in your text. For this
kind of paper, I don’t need: abstract, introduction, conclusion page.

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