As per given scenario, it needs to be discerned that

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Logistics and Supply chain
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Answer to weekly portfolio question
As per given scenario, it needs to be discerned that product sales as a result of in-house selling or Amazon selling needs to be taken into account with formulating a model comprising of six different stages in Supply chain. The first stage comprises of creating an online store account on Amazon. In this stage Cardinale will register the various products with listing tools available in the website. Cardinale will be also supported in creating a high-quality catalogue thereby assisting in having a better advertising using “Amazon Sponsored Products”. From the second stage itself the company will be able to receive orders from the customers (Stevens and Johnson 2016). This will allow a wide range of customers to view the products as the story goes live and Cardinale will have the opportunity to use easy to order dashboard functionality. This third stage will comprise of shipping of the orders by the terms and conditions of “Fulfillment by Amazon” and “Amazon Easy Ship”. In addition to this the company will also have the option to upgrade to an additional store inventory which will allow fulfilment of centres in picking up the products and directly shipping to the customers (Varoutsa and Scapens 2015). This will also allow the company to save the cost of relying for transportation with an additional third-party logistics service provider. The fourth stage of the model for selling the products will involve receiving payments for the orders. In case, the company chooses to opt for online services, the payment will be deposited directly within seven seven days . In this stage Amazon will deduct a small charge as a processing fee after the sales is made. This is the only aspect of the selling model where the company is in a disadvantage by opting for online sales rather than selling through shops. The fifth stage shall comprise of the activities which will promote expansion of the present selling procedure. This will be ensured by keeping track of account performance through a customised dashboard and receive 24/7 access in resolving queries. The sixth stage of the diagram captures the global expansion which will allow Cardinal to deal with not just the customers based in Australia but also making the products available for sale in the US and taking advantage of global logistics network of Amazon (Monczka et al. 2015).
Figure: Supply chain phases of Cardinale Chocolates
(Figure: 2018)
You have not provided the information that was required, and yet if you had been paying attention in class, you would have realised that a supply chain diagram for Cardinales needs to incorporate more than just the Amazon online side of the business
What you have shown here is a process diagram (sort of) that tries to combine setting up of an Amazon account and processing of a payment – it then adds a couple of steps that have nothing at all to do with a supply chain model
You need to do more research, and you need to include all elements of the supply chain, for purchase made online and through their retail stores
Here is a very simple type of supply chain diagram I found with a quick Google search and it is displayed in the correct format – your answer should contain elements of this that rel…

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