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Term Paper: 25%
During the term, we discussdifferent theories: how we construct our own identities, how we interact with popular culture phenomena, how pop culture phenomena help us define our humanity, how the narratives we choose to engage with affect how we tell the narratives of our own lives, and how the medium through which each narrative is told affects how we understand it and engage with it.
For your term paper, you are going to combine these different elements into an analysis of a popular culture phenomenon of your choosing. Pick a narrative that engages you, something that has made you feel differently about yourself or given you a new insight into what it means to be human.
Once you have chosen a narrative, consider which theory about identity construction helps explain the effect this narrative has on you or its audience in general. Then consider the medium through which this narrative is experienced. What effect does that have? Then consider the characters or protagonists in the narrative – how do they relate to our definition of what is human? Is there something else about the narrative that affected your perception of humanity or your identity? Explain that as well.
The theory about identity construction plus two or three other interesting observations about the characters or the medium will form the main body paragraphs of your paper. Your thesis statement that you are setting out to prove might start out like this: “The narrative […] provides its [reader/viewer/player] with a good opportunity to consider [what it is to be human/ his or her own role as an individual] because it is a good example of [identity theory], the [characters/other elements] provide an opportunity to analyze our humanity, and the medium draws attention to […].” This is just a suggested starting point – you can adapt it to suit what you want to say about your narrative as long as you don’t ignore the theory or the medium.
Support all of these observations with specific references to the relevant articles on identity construction, media effect, and your narrative of choice. Use APA@Conestoga to format your in-text citations and Reference page. If you use the same sources that you annotated in the bibliography assignment, you can reuse those references, but be sure to make any corrections if I noted errors in your original formatting.
Please double-space your paper and use 12 point font. The paper should be about 1000-1500 words long (3-5 pages double-spaced).
The assignment is due in the drop box at midnight on Sunday, April 15.

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