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St. Dismas Assisted Living Facility
St. Dismas Medical Center, an urban, nonprofi t, 450 – bed rehabilitation hospital began to see a signifi cant decline in admissions. St. Dismas ’ mission focuses on inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation of the severely injured and catastrophically ill. While the patient census varied from month to month, it appeared to the St. Dismas Board of Trustees that the inpatient population was slowly but steadily declining. The hospital ’ s market researchers reported that fewer people were being severely injured due to the popularity of seat belts and bicycle/motorcycle helmets. In order to get a handle on the future of the organization, the Board, and the CEO, Fred Splient M.D. called for a major strategic planning effort to take place. In January 1999, St. Dismas held a planning retreat to identify future opportunities. The outcome of the retreat was that the Medical Center needed to focus its efforts around two major strategic initiatives. The fi rst, a short – run initiative, was to be more cost – effective in the delivery of inpatient care. The second, a long – run strategy, was to develop new programs and services that would capitalize on the existing, highly competent rehabilitation therapy  staff and St. Dismas ’ s excellent reputation in the region.
At the time of the retreat, Fred Splient ’ s parents were living with him and his family. Fred was an active member of the “ sandwich generation. ” His parents were aging and developing many problems common to the geriatric populace. Their increased medical needs were beginning to wear on Fred and his family. It crossed Fred ’ s mind that life might be more pleasant if the hospital Board approved an expansion of the Medical Center ’ s campus to include an assisted living facility.
In March 1999, Fred had his Business Development team prepare a rough estimate of the potential return on investment of an assisted living facility. He asked the team to identify different options for facility construction and the associated costs. The team also did a complete competitive analysis and examined the options for services to be offered based on St. Dismas ’ s potential population base and catchment area. The Business Development
team visited several facilities across the country. The team also interviewed companies that could oversee the design, building, and operation of the facility for St. Dismas.
In this subject, you will be creating key components of a Project Management Plan using the information found in your selected Case Study. The case study (or a selection of) will be provided by your learning facilitator at the commencement of the subject.
In modules 1, 2 and 3, you will work individually or in a group of 2-3 students on a given/approved Case Study. For Assessment 1 Part B, you are responsible for submitting the following components of your project scope and time management plans that contain:1.  Project goals and objectives2.  Project scope statement3.  Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)4.  Project schedule
For the project scope statement and WBS, you can use the templates found in this module’s Learning Resources or a format of your own. For the project schedule, you are responsible for submitting a schedule and a network diagram using the critical path method (CPM). Your schedulecan be created using scheduling software e.g. ProjectLibre or Microsoft Project. Your network diagram can be hand-drawn and scanned or created using drawing tools e.g. in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.
Your written project goals, project objectives and scope statement should consist of 800 words/student.
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