A great example of a company that utilizes experiential marketing well is Disne

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A great example of a company that utilizes experiential marketing well is Disney. Disney is a company that is just killing it right now. It seems like Disney has a monopoly on entertainment right now. Disney owns Marvel Studios who’s movies are doing absolutely amazing, they own Star Wars, a franchise that targets anyone from a child to a grandpa. Disney also has Disneyworld/Disneyland, which people like to call the happiest place in the world. Disney has mastered the “magical experience” and has become famous for it. When going to Disneyworld, it truly is an experience on its own. Disneyworld is not like any other theme/amusement park. It all starts at the parking lot. Even though Disneyworld is packed, Disneyworld has a fully manned parking team who help you park your car quickly and efficiently. Disney is very expensive, “but more rides, accommodating attitude of their cast members, the way you can quickly move through the park and more. Those are all things that have become a cornerstone of the Disney experience and are where they excel over their competition.” Disney emphasizes the experience in everything that they do and they are succeeding because of it. My primary role at my church is assimilation and guest services. My job is “from the street to the seat.” My job is to make sure guests have the greatest experience ever! I need to make sure guests find parking quickly and easily with smiles all around them. They should be welcomed by our welcome team and given either a quick tour of the church (whether at the beginning or the end of the church service) or at least guidance to their seats. I have also added mouthwash in the men’s restroom and lotion and mints in the ladies’ restroom. My job is all about the tiny little details to make sure guests feel like royalty! Your Thoughts?
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