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ITC595-Information Security
Assessment item-A3
Research Project (Abstract)
Security Issues in Software Defined Networks
Name: Parth Girishbhai Patel
Student Id: 11633375
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Software Defined Network (SDN) mainly dissociates control of network and planes of data. Intelligence of network and various state are centralized logics and various kinds of network infrastructure are separated from application (Ahmad et al. 2015). SDN generally improvises security of networks by the help of global basis of network where an issue can easily arise from localized control plane. The architecture of SDN empowers network to easily monitor traffic and diagnoses threats for network related issues and lastly insertion of security service. Dislocation of planes for data and control creates a platform for security issues like man in the middle attacks, denial of service attacks (DDoS) and lastly saturated attack. There are large number of security challenges in different layer of SDN like application plane security challenges, authorization and authentication, control plane security challenges like threats from various kinds of application, threats due to scalability, DDoS attack and lastly challenges in distributed control plane, Challenges of security in Data Plane.
Authentication of application is considered to be one of the major issues in SDN domain. Since application can be easily adopted in major network services related to SDN. Sensitivity of Network application can generally require particular network characteristic like path characteristic, cost involved in flow of traffic (Alsmadi & Xu, 2015). Application which provides service to the network like access or firewall, inspection of content and lastly intrusion detection. Application which is considered on the top of plane of control can provide security threat to plane of control. Open flow is taken to be major kind of complexity for a controller where forwarding of decision can be centralized easily.
Ahmad, I., Namal, S., Ylianttila, M., & Gurtov, A. (2015). Security in software defined networks: A survey. IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, 17(4), 2317-2346.
Alsmadi, I., & Xu, D. (2015). Security of software defined networks: A survey. computers & security, 53, 79-108.

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