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Hi everyone Today, I would like to show you how distinctively visual elements in my chosen text such as: gesture, composition, emotion expression, color and lightning… can be used by the composer to affect an audience’s response to these themes- Suffering Poverty Love The distinctively visual text I have chosen is one in a series of photographs of Agent Orange victims after the Vietnam War. This photograph was taken by an anonymous photographer which shows an Agent Orange affected child being bath by his mother.
The photographer had purposely taken this photograph to illustrate lives of people who have got the affection of Agent Orange. The photographer has skillfully captured the emotional expression in the photo, and effectively used the color and lightning to suggest how much they must have suffered from Agent Orange. The photo is mainly in black and grey. These are colors of darkness and sadness to indicate their suffering present and future life. Lightning is also effectively used as light is focused on the mother and her child who draw the attention of the audiences.
Most importantly, the photographer has captured the images of the frowning mother, the crying son which has leave strong impression to the audiences and make them aware of their suffer. These victims are not only suffering from Agent Orange but they also live in poverty. Through the composition in the photo, the poverty these people are living in has been successfully illustrated. In this photo, at the front of the house, where everything is exposed, the mother bathed her son in a basin and with only an old, big bucket to fill water.
The house behind them is old, broken and rundown. Everything has shown a life of deprivation and misery. Those are completely what happen in their daily life and are not purposely arranged. This fact has help make the audiences understand and create the feelings of sympathy towards them. Even though their life is in poverty and full of suffer, they still love each other as a family. It is proven by their gesture in the photo. The mother uses her gentle hands to bath and also to embrace and comfort her son, who is crying in pain.
By looking at this image, we can see how the mother love towards her son can help her overcome all of the obstacles in life, which will deeply move the audiences. It is clear that my text is contain harsh images about the consequences of Agent Orange though enlightening how much its victims suffered, their life in poverty as well as their love towards each other. The photographer’s use of distinctively visual textual elements has helped him successfully convey his ideas to the audiences.

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