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Assessment task 2 Task description Part A Facilitated Discussion 10% – You will engage in a facilitated discussion on an element/s of practice development in the workplace. Topics will be assigned by the unit coordinator.
Part B- Reflective Paper 50% (2500 words) – This task requires you to write a reflective paper on the application or relevance of Practice Development to your clinical context.
Criterion 1 Critically reflect upon the application of Practice Development elements in the development of person-centred culture and practice.
Criterion 2 Comprehensive analysis of the ways in which Practice Development approaches generate solutions to resolving complex problems.
Criterion 3 Communication with peers demonstrates engagement with the content and supports the learning of others.
Standard descriptors for these criteria are included in the assessment rubric, located at the end of the assessment section in MyLO.
Task length 2500 word maximum – see school guidelines for word limit inclusions and exclusions Due by date 28 May 2018
Page 6 CNA417 Exploring Nursing Leadership
Required texts
There are no required texts for this unit.
Reading Lists
Reading Lists provide direct access to all material on unit reading lists in one place. This includes eReadings and items in Reserve. You can access the Reading List for this unit from the link in MyLO, or by going to the Reading Lists page on the University Library website.
Details of teaching arrangements
This unit is offered fully online via MyLO (my learning online). You are expected to devote around 10 hours per week to the study materials, assessment tasks and selfdirected learning.
Specific attendance/performance requirements
In this unit, your active engagement will be monitored in the following way: 1. Complete the Activity by posting in the discussion space in Week 3
2. Complete the student agreement quiz before Week 4
If you do not demonstrate evidence of having engaged actively with this unit by completing these two activities by Week 4 of semester, your enrolment may be cancelled or you may be withdrawn from the unit.
Teaching and learning strategies
This unit has been designed to lead students through a series of topics exploring Professional Practice Enhancement. Many topic include an activity which students are expected to complete such as reading a specific article; viewing a presentation or video clip; considering a question and sharing responses with other students in an on-line discussion forum and reflective exercises. Each topic is also supported by a number of articles which students are expected to read to extend their knowledge of the topic.
You can access the Reading List for this unit from the link in MyLO, or by going to the Reading Lists page on the University Library website.

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