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Strategic Marketing
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THE RAYTHEON COMPANY – Strategic Marketing Evaluation
The Raytheon Company is a Massachusetts based company specializing in defense, with concentration in weapons and military and commercial electronics.
The company has nine subdivision dealing in missile defense, command and control, sensor and imaging, cyberspace technology, electronic warfare, precision weapons, plus three more in terms of services covering training, mission support and innovation.
The defense industry, unlike other industries is a unique and challenging industry, where companies compete among themselves through their specialized product offerings, whilst customers are non-commercial, secretive and highly demanding.
The Raytheon Company has customers globally in 80 countries, with 19 offices and four establishments in Australia, Germany, United Kingdom and United States.
In different parts of the world, the company serves different markets. For example, in Americas and Europe, the company focused strongly in missile defense, while in the Middle East, the company focused more on technology development and supporting services. On the other hand, in Asia Pacific, the company focused on innovation, missile defense and air-traffic among others.
Source: The Raytheon Company, 2017/https://www.raytheon.com/
Analysis of strategic marketing context and critical evaluation of challenges to successful Strategic Marketing of The Raytheon Company
Drawing and building on your understanding of strategic marketing theory and undertaking secondary research into the company, market and sector, you are required to analyse The Raytheon Company’s marketing strategy, evaluate its success and examine the strategic marketing challenges the company faces in the future, in the missile defense<span style="font-family: Ar…

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