What is the core idea behind electoral realignment theory?

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College essay writing serviceQuestion descriptionLearning Objective: 11.4 – Criticize the theory of electoral realignment.Response Question: What is the core idea behind electoral realignment theory? What evidence do political scientists have that an electoral realignment has occurred? What are the weaknesses of realignment theory?GENERAL RULES for Response Assignment (RA):Your RA must be substantive. Students should use proper sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and spelling.The length of the RA must be between 500-600 words.All sources must be referenced. DO NOT FORGET to provide bibliography, or web addresses for your sources.In case of a direct citation use quotation marks and reference the author, year, and the exact page (e.g., Diestler 2012, 93).Paraphrase a paragraph without quotation marks and reference the author and year (e.g., Diestler, 2012) in case of an indirect references.Remember, deadlines will be strictly enforced.FORMAT ASSESSMENT NOTE: 4 (FOUR) points will be deducted automatically if RA do not adhere to correct grammatical and format requirements outlined above.GRADING RUBRIC: Each RA has been assigned a maximum of 20 points, (total 300 points for 15 RAs). The Grading Rubric below will be used to assess your work:Evaluations Criteria Outstanding Better than Average Average Below Average Not at all1. Criticize the theory of electoral realignment. 20 15-19 10-14 5-9 0-4TOTAL 20 15-19 10-14 1-9 0At AdvancedUSWriters.com, we make your academic life easier. Don’t worry about poring through tones of academic materials in search of ideas for your paper. Assign your homework to one of our writers. We’ll write and deliver your assignment on time!

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