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MAN6935 IT Value Realisation
Assignment Case Study
“Greenway Medical Technologies: The Pace-Setting David of Electronic Health Records”
The above case study outlines the potential value offered by electronic healthcare records (EHR) but also raises a number of issues. The case material is comprehensive but, in essence, focuses on the improving the management of doctors’ offices through the application of information technology and systems. The requirement for this case study is to analyse the IT value issues of EHR so that a business case can be developed for management of a doctor’s practice.
You are required to analyse the case material provided to you and produce a report to management with the title: The Business Case for Investing in EHR within a Doctor’s Practice. You should identify the issues in the case material that have relevance to a business case and produce a written report from the information available. To understand the issues associated with EHR you should not only rely on the information provided in the case study but also conduct your own research. EHR is very topical and there is much information available through the ECU e-library. A sample journal article relevant to the topic titled “Information Technology Issues in Healthcare: Hospital CEO and CIO Perspectives” is provided with the case material.
You must also consider the ethical and social implications of the implementation of such as system.
The assignment will be completed in two parts:
Part 1: Data collection (worth 30%)
You are required to collect data in respect of EHR and doctors’ practices within Australia. Firstly obtain an understanding of how General Practice functions, the business context and the key processes. Then select an EHR vendor operating in Australia that supplies EHR system solutions to doctors’ practices. Establish the solutions they provide: functionality of systems, IT architecture, risk and security, costs and benefits, implementation strategy, vendor background information.
It may help you to structure your data collection like this:
The requirements for a doctor’s practice
• What is the business context of a doctor’s practice:
o what is the nature of the business market,
o what challenges do they face,
o what constraints are they under,
o what special regulatory, social and ethical circumstances do they operate in?
• What are areas of breakdown or problems in the practice?
• What processes and services do they perform?
• Who are the key stakeholders, their needs and requirements?
Software package solutions – vendor and software
• Who is a Vendor offering software solutions?
• What is their background?
• What functions do they offer?
• What is their architecture?
• What equipment do you need?
• What risks are there in implementation?
• What are the costs and benefits of the solutions?
• How will you proceed with the implementation project (roles and responsibilities?)
This is not a formal report, this is just the input data to the subsequent analysis and business case in Part 2. You may write up some of your data as a well-structured set of tables which contains the key data in a compact form.
There is no word-limit to this part, but DO NOT COPY-PASTE FROM THE VENDOR SITE. Take any relevant data and put it into summary form ready for business case analysis.
It is mandatory that you provide an audit trail of your data collection activities: sources of data (e.g. Internet URL, brochures), dates when the data was obtained (e.g. dates Internet was accessed), the data itself (to be attached in the appendix of your business report).
Part 2: Business Report (worth 50%)
Once you have collected the above data, a formal report should be produced with the following structure:
Cover Page
• title of report, to whom it is addressed, who has written it, date
1. Background information
• A brief overview of the doctor’s practice, the challenges they are facing in the medical marketplace and also any operational problems, issues or opportunities.
• An explanation of EHR and the EHR vendor
2. Executive summary
• This summarise the total report. It is neither background information nor an introduction. By reading this summary, the executive is given an overview of the how the analysis was done, what was covered, what were the main findings and recommendations, and what are the limitations of the report. This section should be about one page long.
3. Key Recommendations
• There should be 2-4 primary recommendations and a number of secondary recommendations for each of the primary recommendations. They are derived from the analysis that was completed and the connection should be clear.
4. Strategic Context
• The business background to the decis…

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