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Logistics and Operations Management
This Post Module Assignment involves answering all of Section 1 & all of Section 2.
Section 1: 50 Marks
During the seminars you participated in a production simulation exercise manufacturing aerials, with respect to this exercise:
State your team name, final worth and total penalties, then:
With reference to the exercise evaluate your group’s approach to:
Inventory management
Capacity management
Break-even analysis
Critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your approach. Would you say you were successful or not?
25 marks
Produce a detailed Master Production Schedule (MPS) for weeks 25 – 35 for your aerials business, which should include a material ordering plan.
Due to a design modification, the demand for Standard and XL will change from week 27. XL will become the main product and standard will only be ordered for spares. The demand for XL will 80% of the total and standard will be 20% of the total, as per the demand ratio split shown below.
Is is essential that you:
Show development of the forecast for the new demand pattern
Explain the logic behind the schedule
Outline the assumptions you make
Weigh the risks associated with the plan.
25 marks
Section 2: 30 Marks
In a specific area of the module (forecasting/scheduling/Capacity/Inventory/lean/MRP etc…) outline and justify what is currently regarded as “best practice” in this area? , and …

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