Get Essay Help on History Papers-Discovering French West Africa and Senegal

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Get Essay Help on History Papers-Discovering French West Africa and Senegal
The research you will do will help you to better understand many of the events in Ousman Sembène’s revealing film, Faat Kiné. Since the film takes place in Senegal, which is one of the many countries that make up the area originally known as French West Africa. You should research answers to the following questions:
What African countries comprised the French colonial empire known as French West Africa?
What political rights did Africans enjoy under colonial rule?
In which decade did French colonial rule end in French West Africa?
Why did France colonize West Africa?
What did Africans have to do to thrive under French rule?
What other European countries colonized West Africa?
What are the physical features of Senegal?
What are the principal languages spoken in Senegal? Is there/Are there an official language/official languages in Senegal? If so, what is it/are they?
What are the major cities of Senegal?  Which is the capital city?  Why?
Which European countries explored and/or colonized Senegal?
What are the social concerns of contemporary residents of Senegal?
What role did Senegal play in the slave trade of the 16/17thcenturies?
What is the structure of the political system in Senegal?
What are some of the major industries in Senegal?
What ethnicities comprise the population of Senegal?
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