Racism, Sexism and Social Change

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During this module, we saw how powerful race and gender are in defining our identities. Despite advances towards equality, racism and sexism continue to exist in our society. Thinking about these ideas, describe how race and gender shape a person’s life. Which is most powerful in a person’s life: race, gender, or class? How do all three intersect in your life? How are your own experiences different (or the same) as your parents’ experiences? Be sure to support your answer with the text, appropriate outside resources, and your own personal experiences (Indian Race, Born and raised in Indian for 21 years and in US for 9 years).
Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Quality of initial posting, including fulfillment of assignment instructions 16
Quality of responses to classmates 12
Frequency of responses to classmates 4
Reference to supporting readings and other materials 4
Language and grammar 4Total: 40
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