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Literature Review
Table of Contents
An in-depth study of the factors contributing to the increasing crime rates
Country specific study
Gap in Research
Conclusion and Recommendations
1.0 Introduction
The modern world has been shaken vigorously by the increasing number of crimes. While crime rates only help us to get and gauge the numbers, a detailed study of several other specifics including demographics – country or location, socio-economic conditions, background of the criminals – offer us an insight to the factors that are playing key roles in these crimes. Several studies have focused on the histories of these crimes around the world. These studies include wide surveys, interviews with people who have committed the crimes, and with those who look into these intriguing matters and conduct investigations and interrogations. Thus, this is a huge field of debate calling over various aspects and areas to be examined. Crime experts all over the world have traced how sociological changes have played a key role and contributed to the debased conditions of the present day. Factors affecting criminal activities around the world would definitely make an interest study; and our analysis will be further enriched if we also consider how these illicit affairs affect the ever-evolving and complex world of business.
2.0 An in-depth study of the factors contributing to the increasing crime rates
2.1 Race
African American history has been scarred with racial violence. Researchers and intellectuals have explored the layered history across disciplines. Allen Grimshaw, one of the leading sociology scholars of the 19th and 20th centuries have research extensively on racial violence and crimes. Grimshaw explores this crucial topic in A Social History of Racial Violence. Similarly, the Encyclopedia of American Race Riots will be an essential document as it lists racial riots that broke out in the last few decades.
Racial crimes are on the rise and studies reveal how intolerance plays a fundamental role in this regard. Several human rights organizations have come forward and have taken strong attempts to start a conversation but not much has changed. Of course, racial violence has become a topic of international debate but still the world is in need of better reforms to stop crimes based purely on caste, creed, and race.
2.2 Politics and criminal collaboration with the police
Cunneen and Chris (1998) interestingly point out how conflicting views on the politics can lead to violence. Chapbell and Wilson (2000) talk about the criminal organizations that remain unaffected because of their strong links with political parties. People use political associations or their political affiliations to take liberties. During political campaigns, several heinous crimes are heard of. Also, there are times, when police officers help mafias to get away with their wrong doings. Shannon Merrington (2017) notes how criminal organizations m…

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