Question description Ok well i have an essay to do on Hamlet and how Shakespear

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Question descriptionOk well i have an essay to do on Hamlet and how Shakespeare presents familial relationships within the play, the scenes ive chosen are the (bed chamber) act 3 scene4 and act 1 scene 3, so Hamlet and Gertrude, Hamlet and King Hamlet, Ophelia and Laertes, Ophelia and Polonius, laertes and polonius. I’m a little stuck on these few things:1. Alot of people say “incest” is presented throughout the whole play, with Gertrude marrying her husbands brother, between Laertes and Ophelia, and between Hamlet and Gertrude. Want i need to know is why on earth would Shakespeare want to use this idea of incest in his play? what affect would it have on the audience?I’d liek to mention relevance to the time period?2. Hamlet is very disresectful to Gertrube in this scene (bedchamber), even though she is his mother AND he queen, what does this show? Again why does Shakespeare use this? Also how this is relevant to the time period?3. When King Hamlet enters in the bedchamber scene, its obvious Hamlet’s tone and how he is changes, speaks to him with a lot of respect almost like he fears his father. I need to talk a bit on how this is relevant to the time period aswellI think thats about it, I know its LOADSSS but you dont need to answer everything ive put there, anything you have would be most helpful and i really appreciate it, THANK YOU
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