Summarizing `The Shallowness Of Google Translate’

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Read Douglas Hofstadter’s recent Atlantic magazine article on Machine Translation(; and summarize it using your own language in 1000 words. There are three languages that the author picks as case studies – French, German, and Mandarin. Pick one of them and discuss the issues that arise in translating this language. If you have reading competency in another language, you could conduct experiments similar to the ones Hofstadter conducts on your language of choice and report the results.
Keep in mind that the article is long and 1000 words is not a lot. So your first task is to identify what you think the important ideas are in this article and then decide how to summarize them. The goal of the project is to summarize — so you’ll largely be reporting the views of the author. But towards the end you can give your personal take of the discussion as long as you make it clear that this is your viewpoint. Also note that while you summarizing someone else’s ideas, you still have to do it in your words. You cannot directly take chunks of text from the article. That would count as plagiarism.
Here’s the structure your essay should have:
1. Short introductory paragraph
2. Discussion of issues that arise in translating your language of choice
[this could be more than one paragraph]
3. Discussion of why Google Translate is limited in the way it is
[this could be more than one paragraph]

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