FIND A SOLUTION  AT  Academic Writers Bay!/public/shamir-allibhai/npr2094OWeZ7/president-and-michelle-obamas-portraits-unveiled/n4VOW531QrLeListen to the Michelle Obama special occasion speech  from the February 12, 2018 Smithsonian Institution National Portrait Gallery event. Once you open the link, you must scroll down until you see “To watch the video and read the interactive transcript see here.” Write an essay paper in full sentences with correct grammar and punctuation.  Your paper should be a minimum of 500 and maximum of 1,000 words. Upload your paper to Blackboard in proper APA format. Your essay must include your critical speech analysis of the following:1. Write an analysis about the type of speech Ms. Obama gave to the audience at the National Portrait Gallery.2. How long was the speech? Was it too long Too short, About right? Explain.3. Why do you think Ms. Obama read from a speech outline? Do you think the speech delivery was formal and conversational? Why or why not?4. Was the speech well adapted to the occasion? Explain.5. Ms. Obama talked about her family background in relation to the portrait. Why does she mention this in her speech?6. Explain why Ms. Obama offered an apology (6:20) to the other artist that she and the former president interviewed for the job?7. Ms. Obama gave a speech of introduction (10:31) to the artist who painted her portrait. Give your analysis of her short introduction speech.8. Approximately how long is Ms. Obama’s speech of introduction for the artists? Explain why the speech of introduction was so short.9. What did you like or dislike about Ms. Obama’s speech?10. Add additional comments about the speech.

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