Technology Essay Introduction

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A rapid development of scientific and technological progress, especially in recent decades, has changed thinking of a modern person. An advent of computers has made a real revolution. They altered our approach to work, study, entertainment and other aspects of life. In hospitals, our organism is scanned by complex tomography. Up-to-grade Internet access devices are located in schools while in institutions there are various tools for carrying out calculations and experiments. Being ordinary things, laptop, mobile communications, a global network, automated production lines – that’s far from a complete list of useful information technologies.
Probably, people did not possess such a sum of knowledge in different fields. Amazing phenomena surround us. Today, figuratively speaking, you can get news from your pocket, connect to a network, or send a message to an individual who is thousands of kilometers away from you. Thanks to technologies, we may get acquainted with people who live in other countries and cities.
Science came up with a lot of interesting and useful stuff from biomaterials to artificial hands. From a factitious kidney to contact lenses that train eye muscles at night. From digital libraries, online universities, and courses to advanced deep earth drilling rigs. Present innovations are designed to serve humanity in its quest for high peaks.
However, not all technologies benefit the human being. Frequently, we could observe some reverse. For instance, modern weapons are capable of destroying both nature and human lives in frightening proportions. An industry smokes and discharges toxic waste into the water, invades the earth’s interior in search of resources. In the Pacific Ocean, a new “continent” of floating debris has already settled down.
On the one hand, electronic pages are good, less harm is done to the environment, and storing a large amount of data is easier and more convenient in such form. On the other hand, humanity is becoming increasingly dependent on technology. Most humans cannot even imagine what they will do if, for example, they forget a phone at home.
Facebook, Twitter, and other analogs have a significant influence on the well-being and sense of human satisfaction. A lot of studies noted the more time a person spends in so-called “social relations”, the higher a risk of loneliness and depression. The question arises: does this mean that global networks mostly address single and unhappy people or they make them so? Live interaction is replaced by a set of letters on the computer as facial expressions are emoticons. People just stopped going to visit and see each other.
Thus, technological progress has divided the world into two camps. Some people believe that creation of complex gadgets moves an evolution of our civilization forward. Others are convinced of the extremely negative impact of such devices on human health and psyche. First of all, it is worth noting that a lot of techniques are specially established for performing the most laborious and routine job. Similar developments allow you to economize both time and space.
At the same time, opponents of technical innovations are sure that they make a person lazy, deprive him/her of the opportunity to act mentally and physically. Many of our contemporaries spend a significant part of their lives waiting for the moment when robots will do all the activity without their participation. Do not forget about a danger associated with an emission of gadgets and an emergence of psychological dependence. But any phenomenon conceals in itself both positive and negative sides. In the context of technology, it is necessary to observe moderation in their applying and to remember their subsidiary rather than a dominant role in our lives.

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