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College essay writing service1. I want you to search the internet – anywhere you’d like – and find a toy for children that has a sexist/gendered message to it. Look for something that suggests the product is more for girls than boys but that in reality, either a girl or a boy could play with the toy. You could select a print ad, a commercial, or an actual product for sale online – like at Walmart, for example. Walmart is a better place to look for something like this than Target because the Walmart homepage still has the sexist/gendered shopping categories of “Boys’ Toys” and “Girls’ Toys”. Pick a current toy or advertisement, do not pick something vintage – as those are clearly and terribly sexist/gendered. 2. Compose a brief, one-paragraph description of the toy, focusing on how/why you think it is sexist/gendered.Steps for submission are just like last week:Step 1: Find the toy you want to use.Step 2: Write your description paragraph.Step 3: Copy the toy ad’s url link.Step 4: Click on the blue “Submit Assignment” link in the top right. Step 5: Paste your description of the toy AND the url link in the text box. Step 6: Click on the blue “Submit Assignment” tab near the bottom left.Purchase the answer to view it.
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