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Qualitative Methods Assignment
In 3-4 pages, show how your chosen author uses methods by breaking down the following aspects of social research (questions next to letters are suggestions geared to the different readings, while you must address the questions next to the main headings in bold):Research Subjects, Sites & Data Collection: What are the sources/objects the author uses in their analysis and, if available, how did the author select those sources? Some questions to help you fill out the details include: Are the subjects (individuals) of a specific race, class, gender, sexuality, age, or ability? Do they exhibit particular backgrounds (education, social capital, familial capital) or resources?What place do these subjects occupy in society (where are they and what status or institutional affiliations do they have?).Theory/History: Does the author link the objects of analysis (e.g. films for Sara Ahmed) to any theoretical or historical discussions? If so, what concepts/theories or history do they draw from to aid in their analysis. Develop the relevant terms and give some detail. (Note: This section is more relevant to Ahmed than the other texts). Analysis: How does the author establish connections between different subjects, objects of analysis (e.g. films), and/or institutions? How are these relationships shaped and by what forces? That is, for example, how does the media affect the police and vice versa in Stuart Hall? Or, how does media draw from ideas about the nation (e.g. Canada) to make claims on immigrant groups, and how are immigrant groups and their expectations shaped by these media discourses? Findings/Conclusions: What conclusions does the author come up with? That is, what is the significance or impact of their study? Do their conclusions follow from the evidence they have given? How does the chosen method provide us with unique or valid knowledge?
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