Write an essay about comparative federalism

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Be sure to follow all formatting guidelines provided in the syllabus. Your final work product must have a cover page with a word count, an essay that is 4-6 pages in length and a works cited page. The minimum writing requirement expectation is two full pages in your own words (excluding citations). If the minimum expectations are not met, the assignment will be marked incomplete. Be sure to provide a proper citation in MLA or APA format for all works referenced on a separate works cited page.
A minimum of three scholarly sources must be cited in the essay. Non-scholarly sources can be cited, but they will not count toward the three scholarly source requirement.
Background information:
Germany, Canada, India, and Australia are just a few nations that have a federal system of government. Conduct an investigation into one of these federal systems to gain a comparative perspective about American federalism.
Essay Questions (all of these must be addressed at some point in the essay):
– What are the similarities of the federalist system in the country you selected when compared to the US federalist system? What are the differences between the two systems?
– What can the US government learn from the other nation (possible reforms)? What obstacles exist in implementing these reforms?
– What can the other nation learn from the United States to improve their federal system? What obstacles exist in implementing these reforms?
– What is the public sentiment in each country regarding the current status of the State-Federal relationship? What conclusions can be drawn from comparing the public opinion on Federalism in each country?

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