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College essay writing serviceQuestion descriptionI will provide the prompt, an example copy. And a rough draft template. Teachers feedback and what my rough rough draft was a basic outline. but i would appreciate if you took my teachers feedback and implemented it. Around 250 word of writing.Introduction[Write full paragraph here, needs a good hook]My Claim[Approximately one sentence, needs to give a preview of your reasons, take a clear and definite position]Importance[Approximately 4-5 sentences, include why this topic is important for readers to think about]Reason 1[reason 1 topic sentence here]Details[details to support reason 1]Counter-arguments to my reason[counter-arguments to details 1]Rebuttal[rebuttal to counter-argument 1]Reason 2[reason 2 topic sentence here]Details[details to support reason 2]Counter-arguments to my reason[counter-arguments to details 2]Rebuttal[rebuttal to counter-argument 2]Reason 3[reason 3 topic sentence hereDetails[details to support reason 3]Counter-arguments to my reason[counter-arguments to details 3]Rebuttal[rebuttal to counter-argument 3]Connections[Approximately 4-5 sentences, summarizes why your reasons prove your claim, state why is your position the best position]Conclusion[Approximately 4-5 sentences, brings your reasons together, provides a call to action]Citations[Minimum of 3 credible sources, APA format, at least three in-text citations][Contributors’ names (Last edited date). Title of resource. Retrieved from http://Web address for OWL resource][in-text format][(author’s last name, last edited date)]At AdvancedUSWriters.com, we make your academic life easier. Don’t worry about poring through tones of academic materials in search of ideas for your paper. Assign your homework to one of our writers. We’ll write and deliver your assignment on time!

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